Inclusion of young disabled people in the field of plastic arts
Partners: Co-actions (France), Berbiqui (Spain), Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela (Portugal), Art school of Burgos (Spain)
Drawing our voices » is a project to strengthen a Spanish initiative aimed at social labor inclusion of young people with disabilities in the plastic arts field working its international dissemination but also creating an inclusive space, where everyone can exchange knowledge and experiences heir artistic potential.

Creative youth for a sustainable future
Partners: Co-actions (France), Art Square Lab (Luxembourg), M-Powered Projects (Irlande), Université de Turku (Finlande),
In the project ‘Imaginarium,’ partners are going to introduce creativity using Design Thinking and Futures Thinking methodology that will enable a proactive search for possible development solutions for tomorrow.

Promoting social impact and sustainability within coworking spaces and networks at local level
Partners: Co-actions (France), Cinisello-Balsamo Municipality (Italy) Impact Hub (Netherlands), Adamastor (Portugal), HUB385 (Croatia)
Co(youth)working project idea is to empower coworking spaces and networks to reach a relevant social impact on their local context, to assure economical self-sustainability and support effective development of entrepreneurial skills by youth hosted in the spaces.

The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work
Partners: Co-actions (France), TDM2000 (Italy), MTU (Estonia), Law and Internet Foundation (Bulgaria), Art Square (Luxembourg ), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)
The youth work needs constant innovation and entrepreneurial attitude to face the challenges that European youth nowadays meet. Youth workers need to be ready to answer to these challenges in order not to let youth down and to offer them support and inspiration for becoming changemakers. For that reason there is the need of a bridge between the two worlds of Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Work.


From 2016 to 2019, Co-actions has been cooperating with the Pôle des Entreprises de l’Économie Sociale de Capitale-Nationale (POLECN) in Quebec. This interregional cooperation has allowed the two organisations and their institutional and operational networks to meet, discuss, and discover innovative places and SSE initiatives. This programme has been co-financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region in the framework of the Interregional Cooperation Fund.

The objectives of this cooperation:

  • Research on the adaptation of the model of the Activity and Entrepreneurs Cooperative (CAE) in Quebec
  • Study of good practices of cooperation within “third places” (public gathering places as tools of rural/urban interconnection.

There were several opportunities to discuss the following:

  • the cooperative models in France and Quebec
  • the presentation of the specific French model of Activity and Entrepreneurs cooperative
  • the meeting of entrepreneurs in AEC in New Aquitaine (Co-actions, Coop’alpha, Coop & Bat, Consortium Cooperative) and self-employed workers from Quebec
  • the creation of a pilot project group in Quebec bringing together self-employed workers and various partners
  • the conduction of a Steering Committee in May 2019 to test the AEC model in Quebec with about twenty institutional and operational stakeholders from Quebec as well as representatives of the New Aquitaine Region and a representative of COPEA, the national network of AEC’s in France.
    The adaptation of the model is under construction. The objective of the steering committee was the mobilization of the Quebec partners to financially support the testing of the adaptation of the model by POLECN and the local partners.

POLECN website


Based on its experience and internal skills, our cooperative offers consulting services to organisations of the Social Solidarity Economy for the preparation and writing of European funding applications and the implementation of European partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.


Prior missions:

PLOUCS – Network of the actors of the SSE in the Landes region
Funding: European Social Fund
Action: Program of incubator of social innovation in the Landes

Cap Solidaire – Network of actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the South-Gironde region
Funding: Erasmus+
Action: Conception and writing of a project of youth cooperation

Funding: European Social Fund
Action: Territorial hub of local economic cooperation

POLA creative space
Funding: European Social Fund
Action: Development and structuring of the new equipment service

Tiers-Lieu Sew & Laine
Funding: European Social Fund
Action: Development of the Textile Fab Lab